Christian’s Steps to Stop Worrying

August 2, 2015
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September 1, 2015
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Christian’s Steps to Stop Worrying

Do you find your self thinking for hours about one thought? Are your friends and family member telling you not to worry? Does it seem you can’t sleep at night because you are WORRYING? You are not the only Christian that worries.

Worrying is natural to us Christian. We worry because we care and we are uncertain of the future or what God’s plan is . However; too much worrying can lead us to sin against God because of lack of trust in Him. It may lead to anxiety, which is another term for excessive worrying. While we cannot avoid worrying or thinking, we must be careful to control ourselves to fall into excessive worrying. Here are some biblical steps to avoid that and stop worrying too much:

  1. Know the cause of your worry and find solution.

Much of our worry comes from unfinished work, deadlines, assignments, and overload of responsibilities that we’re not able to accomplish at a certain period of time. It can be also worrying about our loved ones, not meeting someone’s expectations, or some other particular problems like finances, relationships, and a lot more.

Wherever these worries come from, it is important to know the root causes of each to find the solutions and be wiser next time. We need to hinder certain things for us to stop worrying. Here are some practical examples you can use. You can add more if you want:

  • Make a daily or weekly schedule.  Make sure that you find time to rest because it’s crucial for you to function well and have a quiet time with the Lord too.
  • Don’t take in too much workload. Say ‘no’ to commitments you know you can’t handle, lest you

may not be able to stop worrying because of other people’s demands too.

  • Learn to prioritize. Organize your schedule and make sure that you stick to them. Be disciplined enough. Do important and urgent things first and you’ll have sufficient time later on, freeing you from procrastination, stress and worry.
  • Live one day at a time. Do things step by step.
  1. Rely on God’s Strength

We can also remember God’s deliverance in the past, or how God answered our prayers for us tostop worrying. He’s always there to listen, and we can cast all our burdens to Him because He cares (1 Pet 5:7). Also, talking about your concerns with someone else will somehow help you tostop worrying. Talk to a sympathetic friend who knows how to listen well. He or she will comfort and assure you, and remind you about God’s sovereignty and faithfulness. Pray. There’s no other better way t do it. Inhale and exhale deeply, then express your concerns to God (Philippians 4:6-7). Present every request unto God, and remember that a powerful God like Him who loves us can do anything.  Meditate on God’s Words. It will remind us of God’s faithfulness and will give us the peace to stop worrying.

  1. Leave the Results to God Alone.

Our worry may also come from not meeting other people’s demands or expectations. We don’t need to pass all the standards of this world. We are not a superhuman; we can only rely on God’s strength (Phil 4:13). You know it when you did your best. When we walk in God’s way and simply obey Him, we need not worry because the truth is He’s the only one who has the authority to judge us.

So stop worrying. Seek to please God only and everything will fall into the right place. All these things work together for our good (Romans 8:28). Our God is Able.

There are some extreme cases that we can’t get over worrying by ourselves. We may need Professional Christian Counseling to help us and pray with us.

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