7 Reasons To Seeking Christian Marriage Counseling

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September 18, 2015
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September 20, 2015
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7 Reasons To Seeking Christian Marriage Counseling

Over the past 30 years, there has been an increasing number of divorce cases all over the world. Marriage just does not seem to work with the modern impatient couples who will rush out of the door be they solve their issues.

There are many factors that lead to early separations particularly for young couples. One major reason is the lack of sufficient education and information on what marriage actually entails. Others may include health conditions such as insanity as well as religious beliefs.

However, divorce is accompanied by a list of negative impacts on both parties, including the hurry of finding another mate and re-marrying. If there are children, they may suffer unwarranted consequences like self-blame, anger and feeling neglected.

Getting sufficient Christian Counseling before embarking on the long journey of marriage life can help prepare one for a lot of uncertainties that the future beholds.

Regular after-marriage appointments with your Christian Counselor will also help solve small disputes along the way, and increase mutual understanding.

Here are some reasons why you need the expertise of Christian marriage counselors who have depth knowledge of how relate.

  1. Open up Communication between couples.

Communication is the most important element in any marriage. Having an effective communication plan with both husband and wife is number one. Partners who have free avenues where they can raise their concerns and suggestions have a great chance of strengthening the bond between them.

Most marriages start off well, but later experience awful levels of negligence where partners avoid and disregard each other’s feelings and opinions. This may be caused by a series of long-term progressions since one doesn’t just wake up one morning and refuse to talk.

Communication issues are very much solvable since they are acquired along the marriage life. The Christian culture emphasizes on love, respect and understanding. Seeking a counselor who is a neutral third party will greatly help one to reach the other.

  1. Provides insights to spice up the marriage

Over the course of marriage, certain things become redundant and loose their initial overwhelming appeal. Partners start to sense the change since the reception or reactions to things like a good meal, a present or little no longer the thrill they once had. The counselor can be of great assistance in spicing up your relationships with many tips on how to maintain a high attraction to each other. No one wants a boring partner who does not acknowledge their efforts or reassure them of their beauty and excellence.

  1. To solve Disagreements between Couples

There are many areas in which people disagree. Everyone has a different background and a given set of beliefs on which and how certain actions should be performed. Couples often find themselves arguing about responsibilities, child discipline, extended family support, misconduct, friends among many others. Seeking a Christian counselor would be the only lifeline left to salvage the situation. In this fast world, it is necessary to make the most of conversations that will aid development and improvement rather than meaningless arguments. Counselors have solved such disputes before and will help you establish common grounds favoring the interest of both parties.

  1. Handle Issues Secrets

There are many withheld secrets that a partner find difficult to tell the other. Continual denial and keeping a dark past in the dark may lead to eventual break-up when sunshine finally sheds light on what you have been hiding. Consulting a counselor will provide the expertise on how one can free themselves of a dismal past experience without sparking torrid arguments and break-ups. The counselor can be trusted to keep the secrets until you’re ready to expose them using their guidance. There are different kinds of secrets that could include attraction for another person and such delicate issues require an experienced counselor for direction.

  1. Restore Trust and Confidence

Over time partners start to lose trust in whether their marriage will work or they are bound to divorce. This may be fueled by deteriorating conditions at home, which may lead one to suspect unfaithfulness on the other. In most cases an element of being paranoid may lead to poor decision making such as stalking. The end results are never advantageous either getting depressed or hurt altogether. Christian marriage counselors will help restore trust in your marriage and avoid silly reactions and suspicions.

  1. To Prevent Divorce and Separation

Just as the future of a marriage is unknown, life after divorce holds numerous uncertainties and negative impacts on the divorcees. The court proceedings and need to hire a lawyer, asset disputes and increased enmity from friends and family of the spouse are just a few.

Many may be blinded by the anger and spite that develops after a long time of tolerance. However, the other end presents a totally new world that could be full of regrets. The marriage counselors know what it is like to be divorced and the social, emotional and behavioral changes associated with the same.

They will help you find a way around your problems in order to save the marriage. They are capable of coming up with practical reconciliation strategies that will help you avoid the stress and other effects of going through a separation.

  1. To gain Training and Control

A marriage counselor is like a tutor that takes you through what to expect and helps you overcome hitches that pose threats to your marriage. Contracting their services will help you gain immense knowledge about how marriages function and how to go about issues. By doing this you will gain control and direct your own marriage to suit you. Regular counseling removes the naivety which is often the reason for poor decision making and subsequent divorce in many families.


Counseling is a life-long process that begins before making the decision to propose or accept a marriage proposal. Uniting two people from different religious, educational and even environmental backgrounds can never be a one-time affair. It took years to learn everything you currently know that shaped your reasoning and the way you act. It will therefore require years to learn and accept your partner’s behavior which starts by knowing what shaped their lifestyle.

People have different ambitions as well and may feel like the other partner is an obstruction to their success. It is important to get advice from the experts who have knowledge in marriage life issues

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