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Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Most students do not know what they want to do when it comes career options. They are aligned to looking at career in terms of maximum financial reward. Career counseling process is necessary so that expertise can bring students into light on what career is all about. Many students wander in state of confusion in an attempt to discover their career path.

First, career decisions without counseling are made basing on friends, neighbors, fellow students, professors, monitory considerations, the view that most students have adopted and the parents’ strong desire. Students should be able to think through their level of knowledge, their abilities, level of interest and personal traits before choosing and pursuing any course. Working for something they have an aptitude for will result into an effortless success. It will be like cycling downhill not uphill.

However, how does one measure their aptitude? There are a number of scientific tests that can be used to measure this.

They include:

  • Aptitude test
  • Graphology analysis
  • IQ
  • EQ
  • Personality test

All these tests help consultants model a student and they can use that to give advice on the correct course to choose which will guide you to a profession that is exact or close to what you should do.

A career counselor and a student should have a minimum of 3 hours and all the above mentioned tests taken. After a period of up to 3 days, the consultant will be able to give a final and correct advice.


The career counselor should have the following skills to be able to correctly advice.

  1. Have information on long term and short term programs offered in all academic fields
  2. Education standards of the institute, the placement record
  3. Testimonials from alumni students


On the other hand, the candidate must present ready full and correct information on:

  1. All past academic records
  2. Certificates of all extra curriculum activities
  3. Two pages of handwritten information for graphological analysis
  4. Professional and any other related certifications
  5. For working professional, have the present resume


Many people have taken the title counselors. Even admissions consultants call themselves career counselors yet their jobs is just to guide students. Career counseling is deep. It takes into account understanding the personality of a candidate and linking it appropriately to job requirements. Since the people who need career counseling desire professions.

In summary, career counseling involves modeling the personality of a candidate easily and correctly by use of the various highlighted tests which confirms their aptitude, having a deep understanding on all training programs offered and respective job option and then correctly suggesting a road to a bright career.


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