Dealing with Men Going Through Divorce

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September 10, 2015
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September 18, 2015
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Dealing with Men Going Through Divorce

It is obvious that God hates divorce due to the fact that there are pains that are associated with it. However, it is still inevitable. This is because people continue to cheat, treat spouses unfairly, walk away with half of everything, hurt others and steal. Even the divorce that is amicable is not good at all. Divorce stains and will leave a lasting impression on the children, spouses, co-workers, families and friends. It is like a broken arrow.

Divorce is common regardless of the reason. Despite its nasty effects, it is becoming a norm. In some ways, it is very hard to deal with a divorce compared to death in a family. This is due to the fact that the death will provide a closure but the divorce will never go away. The marriage ends but the relationship between the children and the spouses will never end.


Divorce does not discriminate among the faiths. Albeit On his study 10 years ago revealed that divorce is more common among the “Bible-Believing” Christians. The statistics are fishy sometimes since they just analyze a sample “representing” the whole population. Nevertheless, divorce is like a cloud positioned overhead and just waiting to rain on someone. If you will see someone being rained on, Will you just leave him/her to be rained on or you will bring an umbrella and stand together in the rain?

It is quite unfortunate that friends will divorce friends over a divorce. The men going through divorce in the church are isolated. This is due to the fact that the holy men are not aware of what to do. It is a real shame. Here are some of the top tips of dealing with those men going through divorce:

You Should Embrace Rather Than Disgracing

Under any circumstance that leads to divorce, no one will ever wish to be in this situation. Therefore this is not the time to you should pile up. Being a true friend doesn’t mean you should take sides or favor anyone. Being a true friend means being there and being a friend in the time of need. You should be available so as to help your friend and even pray together. You should consider a verse from Matthew 7:1 from this message:

“Unless you want the same treatment, you should not pick on people, criticize their faults or jump on their failures. That critical spirit will have a means of boomeranging. It is normally easier to see smudge on the neighbor’s face and to be oblivious to see the ugly sneer present on your own. Will have the courage to say. Let me wash your face,’ yet your face is distorted by contempt? It is common that people are playing holier that they are instead of just living their part. You should wipe off the ugly sneer on your face and you will be fit to give a washcloth to your neighbor.”

You Should Not Bible Thump

You should speak with grace, truth and love by providing Christian Counseling. The friends who are undergoing divorce may need Jesus Christ more than ever. God can work in this situation. You should not take advantage and judge your friend as if you have been deputized in “Holy Spirit Police Force.” You should love. In the process of navigating this kind of relationship, God may teach you more about your character, vulnerabilities and yourself.

You Should Do Exactly What The Samaritan Did

In the book of Luke 10, Jesus reveals exactly how to treat a “neighbor.” The other men ignored the beaten man who was stripped off his clothes, dignity and money. The Samaritan sacrificed his travel plans and assisted him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds; he took the man to safety, put him in a hotel and took care of him. You should therefore not ignore your friends but you should help them when they are in need just like the Samaritan. Give them meals, offer helping hands, advice the kids and help them with whatever they need. Your friend should see that Jesus is working through you.

If Jesus urges us to behave like the Samaritan and attend to our neighbors this way, then how much more are we expected to serve a friend? The act of helping a needy friend is being a friend indeed. Divorce will give us an opportunity to continue with God’s love and definitely you will have a true friend. For instance, if you live in Tulsa, you should help your friends who need your help no matter where they are from even outside Tulsa.

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