Christian counseling in Tulsa reaches all faiths

Even for people who seem happy, there can be points when life can appear hopeless. A series of unexpected bad events, failing at work, struggling in school or a break up can be reasons people feel they no longer want to live. It can take professional guidance to understand that there is no reason not to appreciate life and move forward regardless of the challenges presented. In the Broken Arrow and Tulsa area, there are Christian counselors who are dedicated to helping people find hope and inspiration to embrace their situation and get life back on track. Hines Family Counseling integrates education and training with God's grace for everyone they work with.

Who can benefit from Christian counseling?

Marriage & Family Christian Counseling - Tulsa, OK. As Christian counselors, our mission is to serve both Christians, non-Christians and the entire community in their time of need. While we utilize Bible-based professional counseling practices, but you do not have to call yourself a Christian to meet with us. If you are unsure of your faith in Christ, you are still welcome to begin your journey of therapy with us. Our calling to provide counseling, allows us to meet clients wherever they are in their faith. We want to provide you with coaching that can help you achieve the healthy life you desire.

What kind of issues can counselors help with?

People seek the help of counselors for a variety of reasons. If you or a loved one feels isolated and engulfed by doubts about yourself, God or your faith, counseling can provide a safe place to discuss your feelings. Christian counseling can also provide a Biblical perspective as part of the treatment. It is important to understand that the goal of a counselor is not to put their beliefs on others in an attempt to tell patients how to think, but to just share a faith based approach.

Depression is another reason that people seek help. Sleeping or eating too much or too little can be some symptoms of depression, as well as fatigue and lack of energy. Understanding if those signs are depression or something else can be essential to identify the actual issue and work towards treatment.

Relationship issues can also benefit from the helpful interaction from a professional. They can provide an impartial action plan for improving communication and working through disagreements. This can be for marriages or other family situations where loved ones have become disconnected from each other.

When it comes to counseling, even Christians are not excluded from the numerous obstacles life presents. Whether you are facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge or starting to feel the need for counseling, the sooner you call, the sooner you can begin to get help. You may be desperate or depressed due to life circumstance, experiencing traumatic events, chronic addictions, severe illness, or many other reasons. Reaching out for assistance can be the first step to beginning to feel better. In the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area, the team at Hines Family Counseling is available to help you through this difficult time.