Marriage Assessment

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How “Prepare/Enrich” Helps Couples Get Faster Results

Marriage can be hard at times. There is no getting around that. While it is full of romantic moments, memorable adventures, and finding new ways to have fun together, it is also about sacrifice, learning to put the other person first, and realizing that at the end of the day you are accountable to someone other than just you. Marriage is committing to a lifetime of honesty, vulnerability, sacrifice, ups and downs, hard work, unexpected tragedy, anticipated joy, and the promise that you will climb every mountain and scour every valley side by side with the person you love as long as you live.

If that sounds daunting to you, it should. Marriage is not to be taken lightly and it is no small task- it is a daily surrender to your own agenda in order to forge together two individuals and make them one. So, why go into it unarmed or unprepared? PREPARE/ENRICH is ready to help you and your spouse gear up for the marriage battlefield and this curriculum is so powerful that you shouldn’t want to go into marriage without it.

Don’t worry! This is not a long, drawn out system- in fact, this curriculum so effective that it helps couples get faster results simply because it works so well.


PREPARE/ENRICH is an amazing curriculum for couples to go through to help their marriage by teaching all of the communication skills, relationship skills, conflict skills, financial worksheets, etc. they will need. This curriculum has been around for over 40 years and has proven effective time and time again.  It has been administered in churches, counseling offices, and a vast range of other settings around the United States.


How does PREPARE/ENRICH work?


A facilitator will meet with each couple and work through a series of assessments, worksheets, activities, and conversations in order to help prepare them for marriage. Each facilitator is uniquely trained to administer and teach the PREPARE/ENRICH curriculum and therefore will be able to answer any further questions you may have. You can discuss with your facilitator how many sessions will work for you, and can ask him or her about working through the curriculum from a specific faith tradition if you so choose.

What exactly will PREPARE/ENRICH assess about my upcoming marriage?


PREPARE/ENRICH will assess and challenge you and your partner to explore each of your personality traits, your ability to communicate effectively, areas for potential growth, your unique approach to resolving conflict or stress, your ability to discuss financial issues, and your strengths and weaknesses. It will also help you to be able to communicate about your family backgrounds and pre-emptively plan on how to handle the differences while still celebrating unique traditions and past times.


You are committing to loving your partner for the rest of your life, through ups and downs, joy and sorrow, good and bad, sickness and health. Though we hope and pray your marriage is full of joy, we know that life often throws curveballs our way and it is imperative that you are prepared to deal with them when they come. Take the PREPARE/ENRICH course and make sure you and your partner have every tool and resource available to you in order to make your marriage strong right from the start!