Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching Broken Arrow OK

Marriage CounselingEvery couple experiences ups and downs in their relationship. If there comes a time when your marriage is on the brink of ending, it can be essential to work with a professional to help guide your union back on track. Although some couples wait until their relationship is in a dire situation, reaching out for help as soon as communication starts to break down can be proactive in saving a marriage. In the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area, couples can look for Christian coaching designed for couples.

Reconnect, rediscover and rekindle your relationship
Life has changed you and your partner on some levels since you first met, but at the same time there are some underlying qualities that make up each person that remain. Couples need to start reconnecting so they can rebuild the foundation of their union. In this process they will likely rediscover the qualities in their partner that attracted them in the first place. Going back to the initial connection and learning to appreciate each other is an important element of rekindling the romance and intimacy.

Learn to manage the emotions to open communicationPE Logo w_tagline
Considering the reasons couples have problems can help with the emotional aspect. Common issues couples face are infidelity, financial disagreements, dishonestly, disrespect and addictions. Those issues can be hard to communicate for couples trying to overcome issues on their own. A counselor will work with you to have open, honest communication in place of fighting. Partners may be angry, hurt, sad, betrayed, disengaged, confused or resentful. Identifying the emotions in the relationship that stand in the way of communicating is an important step to take.

Understand the value of coaching at different life stages
Christian marriage coaching is not just for couples with years of issues built up. Before saying “I do”, premarital counseling can be an important step for couples. Knowing what problems couples can face and taking preventative measures can get a new union off to a healthier start.

Incorporate faith into your coaching plan
Working with a Christian counselor can also include a Biblical perspective. Understanding God’s grace and love can be a way couples connect to each other, when they step back and consider the vows they took. There are many passages in the Bible related to marriage and couples, that can be part of the discussion. For example: Genesis 2:24 (HCSB) “This is why a man leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife, and they become one flesh.” Aside from classic textbook tactics, couples with any level of faith can benefit from the spiritual element of Christian Coaching.

Divorce rates continue to be extremely high. While there are some situations where a marriage cannot be saved based on the safety of a partner, in other cases there are many options to reach out for help before ending your relationship as husband and wife. Regardless if you are thinking about getting married, have just entered a phase in your troubled marriage or have decades together as husband and wife, there are many ways counseling can help.