I am a business man in Dallas, TX and seeking out help.  I was dealing with my purpose in life and required to know it.  I was giving Jonathan’s name from a friend in the Tulsa Area who used Jonathan before.  I am delighted I met Jonathan. He showed how to make a vision statement.  Now my life is closer to God and I have a clear picture to my purpose.   I appreciate you Jonathan. Thanks – Tony – Dallas, TX


We were desperately in need of counseling when my husband had an affair.  We sought out counseling services through my health Insurance. We saw two different counselor but none of them were Christians.  My best friend suggested going to a Christian Counselor.  The third time was a charm; Johnathan helped me get through the pain and hatred I had for my husband.  My husband is more active in church and we started praying together.  Currently, we are still working on trust but our relationship is stronger.  I believe if we didn’t see Johnathan we would have lost our marriage.  –Amber – Tulsa, OK


My husband and I have been marriage for 22 yrs. One day we are now faced with the thought of divorce. We needed help to save our marriage.  We went to our pastor and he referred us to counselor Johnathan Hines. We are glad we went.   After meeting Johnathan we both felt at ease with him and his wisdom.  We both thank God for putting Mr. Hines in our life. Our marriage is better than ever, we have more passion and love for each other.   Thank You Mr. Hines.  – Jennifer & Steve – Oklahoma